Schumann & Solfeggio Meditation


This track ramps down from the Beta brainwave state, getting the user to 7.83Hz by the 6 minute mark. While at the 7.83Hz mark, which is Schumann Resonance, the Earth’s resonant frequency, the track rotates through the Solfeggio scale. This track can be used for meditation or just simply played in the background, providing benefits.

The nine-toned Solfeggio Frequencies made up the ancient tonal scale of chants and sacred music. Three groups of three mathematical, geometric and frequency matrices create the scale. The 12-tone scale used in most music replaced the Solfeggio scale sometime during the papacy of Pope Gregory I (590 to 604 CE).

This track uses Isochronic Tones and Photonic (Light) Stimulation (Flashes, Visualizations) matching the Isochronic tones for powerful brainwave entrainment. This track ramps down from Beta and gets the user to 7.83Hz (Theta) by the 6 minute mark, the entire first 6 minutes the carrier frequency is set to 174Hz (Foundation)

Starting at the 3 minute mark the carrier frequency ascends up the Solfeggio scale until it hits 963, then goes back to 528 ,then 174 to finish up by the 35 minute mark.

This is a grounding, meditative track with Ancient healing frequency carriers. Will help to clear and calm the mind, relax the user, dissolve emotional tension, uplift the spirit, provide insight, healing, well-being. You may find it useful for many other things. You may also notice heightened intuition, ESP or other psychic phenomenon becoming heightened in addition to profound spirituality.

This is a session which ramps down to the Schumann Resonance frequency, or 7.83 Hz. Research done with Zen meditators shows that 7.83 is a significant frequency, and other research indicates that stimulating the Schumann frequency results in more blood flow in the brain than any other frequency.

Use this session in a quiet, comfortable place, free of distraction, in a chair or lying down. After starting the session, close your eyes and relax.

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This session can be used with or without headphones. If you are in a noisy environment, it is recommended to use headphones.

During the session you should remain as calm and relaxed as possible.

Meditation Protocol:

Begin with the foundation frequency at 174 Hz. Listen to this tone as you gently breathe and relax until you reach a space of calm, peaceful meditation. This frequency assists in unifying with Spirit.

Move to 285 Hz where quantum cognition takes place as you unify with the earth. Move deeper into meditation and feel yourself harmonizing with the tones tied to the root chakra, as you are enveloped in a red mist.

Move to 396 Hz where guilt and fear are released. Vocalize “ut quent laxis” with the music. Visualize the orange color of the sacral chakra pulsing to the beat of the music.

Shift to 417 Hz where you begin to break old emotional patterns as you intone “re sonare fibris.” Continue to breathe as you allow the emotions to bubble up and release. See the yellow lights connected to the solar plexus chakra move around and over you.

Shift forward to 528 Hz and the connection with the green light of the heart chakra. Visualize your body changing and aligning with this frequency, tied to the repair of DNA, miracles and transformation. Intone “mi ra gestorum” as you allow your body to transform to divine health and miracles of love and provision meet your needs.

Travel upward to 639 Hz where relationships connect and transcend the current circumstances. See yourself wrapped in a field of swirling blue light centered in the throat chakra. Chant “fa muli tuorum” as you know the truth of your connection to all people.

Transcend to 741 Hz where intuition awakens and consciousness expands. You are enveloped in the purple haze associated with the third eye chakra. Allow your mind to open and awaken to new information, new wisdom and new creative expression. Vocalize “solve pollute” as you invite new expressions and solutions to manifest.

Shift upward to 852 Hz where unconditional love abides. Connect with spiritual order and allow any lingering chaos to dissipate. Send your love to others wrapped in the pure golden light associated with the crown chakra as you speak “labii reatum.”

Climb to 963 Hz where all is connected and wrapped in Spirit. You are open and full of white light. Vocalize “Ohm.”

Finish your meditation with any selection that unites and plays all of the tones. Return your attention to the room around you as the notes fade and you are once again connected with this time and place.

People with a past history of epilepsy or seizures should NOT use brainwave entrainment.

This Schumann/Solfeggio Theta brainwave entrainment track uses the following protocol:

Duration 35:00
Frequency Range: 15Hz – 7.83Hz
Entrainment Method: Isochronic Tones & Photic Stimulation
Carrier Frequencies: 174Hz, 285Hz, 396Hz, 417Hz, 528Hz, 639Hz, 741Hz, 852Hz, 963Hz
Usage: Headphones or Speakers, Visualizations/Flashes