Orgonite Crystal Energy Generator


These standard Crystal energy generators create positive Chi, Life-force energy from all the energy in the environment around the device. Our standard generators impact the energy environment typically up to 1/4 mile, creating a positive, free-flowing energetic environment that neutralizes negative and harmful frequencies such as EMF and Microwaves. In addition these generators work on negative emotions, bringing a more stable mood and energetic environment to all plants, animals and humans within the working radius. Our generators are made with the following ingredients:

Herkimer Diamond
Rose Quartz

We also program the crystals using frequencies that invoke the human heart energetic system, called Chakras. Namely the programming increases the effect of Rose quartz, centering in on the Heart chakra, however all the stones in the device work on various and all chakras.

This recipe we are finding is a perfect balance of energizing and purifying the human and animal aura, consciousness, and mental/emotional bodies. These generators are a wonderful tool for bringing about harmony in your life and surroundings while bringing balance and light into your mind, body and spirit.

Some other quick facts about our Crystal Energy Generators:

Transforms negative into positive life-force energy
Disarms and repels predatory forms of life
Purifies the atmosphere and water
Helps increase plant and vegetation growth
Protects against harmful EMF radiation
Inspires a calm and balanced emotional state
Helps remedy insomnia
Helps awaken your innate psychic senses
and much more…

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