Orgone energy – A breakthrough that is already happening

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Orgone energy is the name given by Dr. Wilhelm Reich to the omnipresent life energy also referred to as ether, zero point energy, quantum fluctuation, space energy, Chi, Prana and more. Wilhelm Reich observed that the free flow of orgone energy is supporting all life processes, whereas in a state of stagnation it leads to atrophy, disintegration and death. He named the flowing state of this energy POR or Positive Orgone Energy and the stagnating or blocked state DOR or Deadly Orgone Energy. Wilhelm Reich developed an arsenal of orgone concentrating tools such as the Orgone accumulator and the Cloudbuster.

Out of this wider field emerged the discovery of a material mix called “orgonite” by researcher Karl Welz and the subsequent development of powerful tools for environmental healing by Don Croft from Idaho, USA brought Wilhelm Reich’s ideas from academia to “street fighting level”. Orgonite showed the empowering effect of converting DOR into POR without needing expert supervision, thereby making it a really empowering discovery. It has astonishing benefits on the level of human health, plant growth, reversal of droughts, mitigation of radiation effects and even raising consciousness levels. Orgonise Africa as part of a growing worldwide network of researchers and activists has embarked on the large-scale distribution of orgonite in Southern Africa, thereby reversing droughts and creating encouraging signs of desert greening and increased vitality. The presentation will introduce the tools used in this work and show how they are made, thereby empowering all members of the audience to start their own orgone healing project.

Architect Georg Ritschl is the founder of the large-scale energy healing project Orgonise Africa. ( Based in South Africa. He has done his orgone work in more than 10 African (and some European) countries with often stunning results. Reversal of droughts, greening of deserts, increased rainfall, plant growth and human and animal health are the results of this work undertaken by Ritschl, his wife Friederike and a group of friends and associates. Ritschl also explores the connections between the idea of orgone energy and the new emerging scientific paradigm underlying our emerging understanding of the NEW PHYSICS, as well as the effects of Orgonite on consciousness and human behavior, thereby putting his work in the wider context of the Breakthrough Energy Movement. Ritschl sees himself as part of a world-wide network of loosely connected activists and experimenters from all over the globe sharing in the exploration of a simple but effective technology that has always been kept “open source”, allowing it to be adopted all over the world.