Healing Waves (Immunity)


This session is designed to boost immunity and well-being. This is a relaxing Alpha and Theta session designed to guide you to a stress-free, meditative state where the immune system functions optimally. With the background of ethnic flutes, this will relax and soothe as it takes you on a journey though Alpha and Theta.

Middle “C” is related to the 528Hz frequency tone, which is associated to the color green, which, in turn, is related to the heart chakra. It is the third note on the scale and relates to the note “MI” on the scale and derives from the phrase “MI-ra gestorum” in Latin meaning “miracle.”

The 528Hz frequency is known as, the “528 Miracle,” because it has the remarkable capacity to heal and repair DNA within the body and is the exact frequency that has been used by genetic biochemists. Green, of course, is the primary color of our Mother Earth, because our planet vibrates to the frequency of love or of the heart. Green also can be found in the middle of the color scale as seen in a rainbow.

The carrier frequency (pitch) is set to 528Hz (“MI” or Miracles) Solfeggio frequency according to the ancient musical scale. This frequency is currently used to repair DNA and is associated with a calming and healing. It is the “Love” frequency, the frequency of the color green and water in sunlight. When cells come in contact with frequency 528Hz the cell walls structure gains coherency and structural integrity.

Speakers or Headphones may be used and the user should remain comfortable in a quiet place with the eyes closed for best results.

People with a past history of epilepsy or seizures should NOT use brainwave entrainment.

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Duration: 40:01

Pulse Frequency Range: 13.5Hz – 6.5Hz
Carrier Frequency: 528Hz (Solfeggio)
Entrainment Method: Isochronic Tones, Photic Modulation, Amplitude
Usage: Speakers or Headphones