• colourful wave effect created from traces of multicoloured lights

    Description These standard Crystal energy generators create positive Chi, Life-force energy from all the energy in the environment around the device.... Read More

  • Sungazing-1

    Sungazing involves looking directly into the Sun within 2 hours after sunrise, or within 2 hours before sunset.... Read More

  • Chakra-orgonite-for-healers

    Orgone energy is the name given by Dr. Wilhelm Reich to the omnipresent life energy also referred to as ether, zero... Read More

  • Coconut-Oil (1)

    Ancient India¬†is home to the oldest known healing system on Earth, Ayurvedic Medicine, which in Sanskirt means “knowledge of living”.... Read More

  • healingwaves


    This session uses Sub-Delta frequencies which have a soothing effect on the limbic system, the Amygdala and Hypothalamus. These delta... Read More